How are mountain lodge and campsite refund applications made?

Flow Chart for Online Mountain Lodge and Campsite Applications

  1.  Join up as a member
  2. fill in your personal details
  3. Successful registration as a member (start of mountain lodge and camp application)
  4. Browse real-time information of the mountain lodge and campsite (check for vacancies and boarding prices)
  5. Read the guidelines for mountain lodge reservation applications
  6. Determine the dates, mountain lodge or campsite
  7. Confirm order information
  8. Lot drawing notification (SMS notification)
  9. Log in as a member
  10. Choose a payment method
  11. Unpaid
  12. Invalid order
  13. Bank transfer
  14. Make payment within the time limit
  15. (1) Make transfer at an ATM
  16. (2) Make a transfer over the counter at a post office or bank
  17. The system links to the Bank of Taiwan and automatically displays the status of the order
  18. Successful application

Online Reservation Cancellation Procedures for Mountain Lodge and Campsite

Members Zone

Order record queries

Unpaid items

Expand the items

Select ""Reduce Number""

OK / Edit

Complete remittance according the new order


Payment has been made

Request refund

Total amount of refund

Fill in the refund details