Tour of the Trail

Mountain Beidawu

  Mountain Beidawu is the southernmost and lowest among Taiwan’s five mountain ranges. It is also the only mountain above 3,000 meters in the southern Central Mountains. From here, you are able to see the Pacific Ocean, Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel at the same time.

Introduction of North Wushan

●Rich forest

  Do you know that Mountain Beidawu is home to Formosan clouded leopard? It is seen as a sacred animal by the Paiwan tribe and I believe Mountain Beidawu is Formosan clouded leopard’s last dwelling place. You can find the largest population of endangered Hodgson"s Hawk Eagle here. Up on the mountain, there is the world famous Taiwan hemlock pure forest, and a variety of azaleas and orchids.

●Aboriginal style

  The Paiwan people see Mountain Beidawu as a sacred ground where our ancestral spirits dwell. They desscend every five years to visit us,ensuring we have good harvest and health. So every five years,we host the Maleveq ceremony to welcome them.