Important Notices

* The Mountain Beidawu National Trail is mainly located in the habitat of Shuangkuei Lake wildlife. To prevent substantial human activities from interfering or damaging the habitat of wildlife, the measure of total quantity control was implemented since July 1st, 2016. For those who wish to apply for one-day admission permit, since telecommunication is not available at the old hiking gate control station, we only accept in-person application and registration (online application and inquiry is not available). We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

1.      If for some reason you cannot stay or would like to reduce the number of people staying in the accommodation lodge, please use your account to login from the Lodge Application Inquiry webpage and modify or cancel your application. The refund for the accommodation fee will be calculated by considering the first day of your stay as the starting date. The policies for canceling of bed space and refund are as follows
(1)      Any confirmed cancellation made 8 days or more prior to the starting date will receive total refund of the accommodation fee.
(2)      Any confirmed cancellation made 4~7 days prior to the starting date will receive 50% refund of the accommodation fee.
(3)      Any confirmed cancellation of bed space made 3 days or less prior to the starting date or absence on the starting date will not receive any refund.

2.      Once the mountain cabin application has been processed, any reduction in team member or increase in days of stay can only be made by cancelling the application and re-submitting a new application.

3.      Information submitted by the applicant will be protected according to the Information Security Policy of Pingtung Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan.

4.      Those whose names are not on the accommodation application list or who do not carry their identification documentation will not be permitted to stay.

5.      Accommodation check-in and check-out time: check-in time: the earliest check-in time is 13:00; check-out time: the latest check-out time is 12:00.

6.      Applicants who have been approved to stay overnight should bring their admission permit and any identification document with photograph, both of which will be checked by the staff at the old hiking gate control station of the Mountain Beidawu National Trail and the Kuaiku Lodge appointed by the Pingtung Forest District Office. After entering the Trail, the camping location and the hiking route can no longer be changed.

7.      Applicants who have been permitted to enter the Mountain Beidawu National Trail to perform hiking activities should prepare their own supplies including food, camping equipment, sleeping bag, oxygen tank, and medicine.

8.      In the event of typhoon, forest fire, natural disasters that have destroyed the Trial, or other emergency incidents, the Pingtung Forest District Office reserves the right to implement any emergency measures, forbidding visitors from entering the Trial and canceling the reservation of applicants for staying in the mountain cabin or at the camp site (reservation during this period of time is cancelled automatically). For those who have already enter the Trial, they should evacuate immediately according to the regulations.

9.      Part of the Mountain Beidawu National Trail is located in the area of “Shuangkuei Lake wildlife habitat”. Other than authorized activity for academic research purposes, disturbing, hunting, killing wildlife, collecting samples, destroying the status quo of the Trial, or taking away any resources of the Trial without approval are strictly prohibited. Violation of the above mentioned regulations will be dealt with according to Article 41 and Article 42 of Wildlife Conservation Act.

10.  The area of Mountain Beidawu National Trail is full of wildlife. To prevent altering the foraging behavior of the wildlife, trash bins are not installed in the area. Visitors when leaving the site should take away their own trash, food waste and leftovers in order to protect the ecosystem.

11.  Reminders when entering the trail:                                                                                                                                                            
(1)      Littering is strictly prohibited.
(2)      Camping, barbecuing, making loud noises, bringing audio equipment or playing music in unauthorized area is strictly prohibited.
(3)     The road condition in the mountain area is unstable. Accidents such as falling of rocks or landslide might occur occasionally. Please do not stay or take photograph in these areas. Wildlife such as goat, boar, poisonous snake, poisonous bee, and Formosan yellow-throated marten, etc., may be encountered. Please be aware of these animals to ensure your safety. Keep away from these animals. Do not disturb them or feed them.
(4)      Please stay in groups. Do not leave your team, change the route or take any shortcut.
(5)      The water resource in the mountain area is limited, so please use it with care. Please be careful when using fire to cook, avoiding the possibility of forest fire. If forest fire occurs due to careless use of fire, the person(s) responsible will be sentenced to imprisonment for not more than two years or be penalized by a fine of not more than 300,000 NTD and compensate for the losses according to Article 53 of the Forestry Act.

12.  Construction and maintenance of the mountain cabin is not easy. Please use it and its facilities with care and help to protect the environment.

13.  If the applicant or the corresponding team member has one of the following, the application for staying in the Kuaiku Lodge and nearby camp sites will be cancelled.
(1)     If the applicant and the corresponding team member continues to make loud noises after warning has been issued, the entire team will be banned for application for 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of the behavior.
(2)     If the people staying were not on the accommodation application list, the entire team will be banned for further application for one year.
(3)     Those who stay in the mountain cabin or at the camping site without admission permit and identification documentation will be banned for application for one year and must take related legal liability.
(4)     Applicants with identity theft will be banned for application for one year.
(5)     Applicant who violates the above mentioned regulations for more than (including) 3 times within three years will be banned for further application.
(6)     Applicant and its team staying without obtaining permission via regular application procedure will be banned for application for 6 months.
(7)     If accident is resulted due to the careless use of fire, the team responsible for the cause of the accident will be banned for further application and they must take related legal liability and compensate for any losses.
(8)     If illegal computer program is used by the applicant to carry out application or interfere with the application system, affecting other people’s rights or damaging the system, the applicant and its team will be banned for further application and they must take related legal liability.

The above mentioned “team member” refers to those people who are actually staying and are on the application list.

* To strengthen hiking safety, it is recommended that applicants or people who enter the area should carry GPS system or mobile phone that has GPS system APP downloaded. In case any accident happens, the location of the accident can be found by the rescue team immediately.

*      The leader must be responsible for leading the team to ensure the safety of the team member.

*      In the event of a sea warning for typhoon, precipitation volume reaching the super heavy rain standard (200 mm/ 24 hours), or a precautionary closing of the Trail, mountain cabin and camping site, people are forbidden to enter the Trail. Those who have already entered the Trail should evacuate immediately to ensure own safety.